Friday, July 29, 2011

So, today wasn't the best day ever.

Why's that?

1) Today would've been 6 months for me and Anthony... not gonna lie, that alone would've made this day suck. :(

2) My mom hadta to go to the ER tonight. She was in alotta pain and she's been real sick all day. She's gonna get her gallbladder removed sometime very, and I'm really nervous for her. Everybody I talked to about it said it's extremely painful. She knew she was probably gonna get it removed, but she really wanted to wait awhile, 'cause we're leaving for vacation in a week. :(

3) I hadta work today, instead of being with my family.

Ugh. Now I'm just sittin' at home, basically by myself (Carla's in her room, asleep). And, I haveta get up early tomorrow to work all freaking day. 9-5:30. Just perfect.

OH, AND! My freaking iPod's in the van, which my dad took to the hospital. I need that thing to sleep. Ughhhhhhhh. I love my life.

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