Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blueberry tea > all other weaker beverages.

^ It's a fact. I'm currently drinking it out of a Christmas "Tis the Season" mug. :)

So, things have been super crazy lately. Lots going on in my personal life, but not all good things. Actually, most of them suck. But that's aiiight, they'll pass. "Whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly", says Avril Lavigne. <3

What to blog about...

I've been going through this thing lately, where I just wanna grow up. I wanna be in college right now, and get on with the rest of my life. Not be this unrespected, little 16-year-old that no one listens to anyways. I wanna be able to drive, and go places without a curfew. I don't know why I've been feelin' this way. It might be all dat personal shtuff, or all the music I've been listening to 24/7. Alotta "Ugh,IhatemylifeIhatemyparentsscreweveryone" and the occasional "Ugh,IhateboysIcandosomuchbetterI'mgonnagooutandparty" music. Maybe both, I don't really know.

So as a result of all that teenage angsty stuff, I've come to the conclusion that Ima do this, or atleast something very similar. Looklooklook. 

I'm excited. It's not gonna be quite as red as that, more brownish red. Kinda what I have already, but...more. And I got it mom-approved, SO IT'S OFFICIAL. :D

Yuuuup, that's about it. I'm out of blueberry tea, so Ima go get more & then get ready to go to my favorite place in the world; Conewago Coffee. Laterlater. <3

Btw: I'm currently listening to "Nothing Even Matters" by Big Time Rush. I don't know why I'm even going back and adding this, but I finally gave them their own station on Pandora. I LOVE THEM AND IF YOU DON''re lame. :)

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