Sunday, May 22, 2011

I have nothing to say, reallly.

Other than things never really turn out how you expect. Or hope. Or wish.

This weekend blowed. Other than two things :

-Jenna's birthday on Friday! Ah, that was fun. I love dat whitegurlll. She's my bestfriend. I don't even like using the term "bestfriend". Most of the time it makes me reallly uncomfortable. But for her and a couple others it's definitely true. Especially her though. I've known her and stayed close to her since I was 5 years old & she just an amazing friend. But anyways, I'm not gonna be all heartfelt here. Not feelin' it right now :b. Butyeah, I surprised her by taking her to Olive Garden, her favorite. It was supposed to be Teats, Anthony, Jenna, and me. Butttt the boys had something to do, so it was just us.  Many people thought we were lesbians. Like, legit. Haha. And then I took her to the good ol' coffeeshop where I had earlier decorated a table with balloons, banners, streamers, beads, etc.. She was so suprised and everyone there partied with us. It was grand :D. Then I slept over at Jenna's, and we watched No Strings Attached. Seriously one of the funniest movies EVER. Favorite lines :

Gay guy : Ahh, I just love when we're all in the same cycle. Yup, I'm definitely gay. Oh, I see thousands! Those were all at different points. :D

Ashton Kutcher : C' the soup. It's good for your uterus.

Black guy : I like it to be scary. Like "BOO! Here's my dick."


& The other thing was work. I actually like work, and the people there. Dara, Jasmine, Jenna, Eric, Brian, Samir, Scott, Mitch, Bev, Beth, ERIN, and many others make it great. I love you guys. :)

Scott : What your boyfriend? Yeah, I saw him in here yesterday. You guys were making out at your register and I yelled "OVER-RIDE!" at the top of my lungs. :D (<--- that didn't happen btw, haha)

Brian : I'm gonna take your phone, kay?
Me : Nooooooo! That's my only thing to keep myself busy. I forgot my book. ):

Brian : Wanna read mine?
Me : The one about vaginas?
Brian : Yeah! Assholes Finish First.

Me : Ummmm....
Brian : Don't even answer. I'll go get it.

Haha, I love Weis sometimes. <3

I kinda wish the world would've ended yesterday. I wanna be with Jesus. He makes me happpy. I wouldn't have to deal with stress or disappointment. I could just praise God all day long and be with people that I really miss. In a perfect, beautiful place. (:

Gahhh. I'm gonna go to bed I guess. I'm alittle melancholy right now. I feel like Janine's little sister. Nobody but Savannah will probably get that. /:

Also, thanks for everything Morgan Darrah. I swear you keep me sane sometimes girl. You're a beautiful person, inside & out. I love you soooo much, & I miss you in my life. <3

Sweetdreams, people that blog.

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