Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This day just got 10000x better. (:


High school soccer, JV. I don't even care it's JV, that's totallly what I was expecting. I'm just super physched to be on the team, and to be playing soccer again. I love soccer, <3. Congrats to everyone else that made it, we all deserved it. And to celebrate, my momma & me went to go get new cleats, underarmour, sweatpants, & sports bras. Cheetah, zebra, and tye-dye sports bras that will be coming next week? Awh, yeeeah. (:

Yesterday was pretty much killed by some news from my parents. I was going to go on a workcamp this summer to Reynosa, Mexico for those of you that didn't know. I was soooo pumped, and I worked my butt off with Hallie so we could raise the over $1,000 we needed (each of us needed that much, :O). Now I'm not allowed to go.  Reynosa was declared "too violent" by the government. The drug cartels are way too risky. Basically if I went there, I might not come back. I knew that that was already a huge risk before, but that was oddly okay with me. I had my heart compeltely set on this. So...yeah. I was crushed. :(

But today I was told that I could go to Caimito, Puerto Rico. I read about it, and it's sooo much less exciting. I'll go and try to keep my mind open to it, but it's definitely not gonna be the same. Ohhh welll, positive thoughts. :/

Oh, and aerobics today was pretty much the best thing ever. I love our dance unit, and surpisingly even Mrs. Shellenberger (Rose). She's awesome. :b

Kay, Ima go shower and rest. Oh, and Resource Wars. LAST CHAPTER, FINALLY. :))))

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