Friday, March 25, 2011

"Sir, your bill is rather high." "Well, so am I!"

Oh, Brigadoon. Everybody should come see it, it's reallly good! And my life for the past week has been completely devoted to it, soyeah. It's worth it. And you getta see a buncha guys in plaid kilts. (;

This week has been completely insane, ohmy. My days have consisted of school 'till 2:45, soccer 'till 5:15, musical practice right after 'till 10:30, homework 'till after 11:00, and very little sleep.  I'm completely exhausted. But ohwell, this is what I get for signing up. Costume crew is actually pretty cool though, and the cast is really fun to hangout with during rehearsals and such. :b

Sooo...yeah. First game today! We won, like 6-0. Even though I had to leave early at halftime, I knew we would. Lebanon ain't so hottt. And I gotta play forward, which I haven't played since 7th grade. Yay. (:

Soccer team bonding tomorrow, bright n' early blah. Ropes course!

I need sleep, more than anything. Oh, and I got a job btw! Elizabethtown Weis, as a cashier starting Monday. Well, paperwork. But still, I'm super excitedddd. MONEY, <3

Kay, night!

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