Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everything I do, I do it big.

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.
Really annoying? Yep.
Really awesome? YEP!

So this weekend's pretty awesome, for the most part.

Friday night sleepover with the lifegroup/student body girls (plus Andrew & his guy friends) = awesome. We made tie-dye shirts, painted nails, ate our weight in crap, played music, talked for forever, watched Disturbia & John Tucker Must Die, and just had a lottta fun. :)

Yesterday was pretty much devoted to Katlyn O'Donnell, haha. Savannah, myself, Katlyn's mom & dad, Nate, Nick, and Ainsley all set up her suprise sweet 16 party. It looked freaking awesome, and she was soooo suprised. It was so much fun, and everything went amazing. We all love you so much Katlyn. <3

So today? The Superbowl? Yeah, whatever. I could care less :P. I'm not really sure what Ima do yet, but either way it's gonna be awesome. Partying and hot tubbin' with a buncha awesome people at the Yatsko's or hanging with Anthony and his family/whoever else equals a fun time either way. :D

"Oh, these times are hard
and they're making us crazy
don't give up on me baby."
The Script-For the First Time, <3

"They may say some awful things
but there's no point in listening
your words are the only words
that I believe in afterwords"
Hellogoodbye-Baby it's fact, <3

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