Monday, October 25, 2010

We're dancin' like we're dumb, our bodies going numb. :)


We R Who We R- Ke$ha. And I kind of think Ke$ha's an idiot, so....this proves her to me. :D

SPIRIT WEEK IS THIS WEEK! Um, heckyes. I look forward to this, allfreakingyear. It's like, Christmas to me. You get to dress totally crazy, watch everybody else dress totally crazy, the halls are all decorated awesomely, everyone's school-spirited, the Homecoming game, Homecoming...ahhh, yes this week is gonna be good. :)

Today was Clash Day, and I think I looked pretty redicoulous. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Tomorrow's Twin Day, and I'm kinda being forced to be a pumpkin with some friends. I'm hoping it turns out a lot better than I'm thinkin' right now. Forreal. Fingers crossed. (:

Anddd, my fashion show presentation is tomorrow in Spanish II. I'm so excited, me & Krissi are gonna be beast. I'm dressed in my pajamas, and I'm gonna bring a pillow, teddy bear, and a blanket. I'll just fall asleep to "Lullaby" by Chase Coy while Krissi reads my script. And Krissi's gonna wear her supercool softball uniform, and dance around the room to the Black Eyed Peas. It'll be a fun time. (:

Buttt, I have a huge Chemistry test tomorrow too. I'm a tad worried, but I actually get what we're learning about right now, which is a freaking miracle. Still, I really need an A on that test, and my life will be complete. But, seeing as I failed the last one, and almost failed the one before that, I have a lotta studying to do anyways.

Hahaha, Mr. Jan said something reallly funny today.

I was like,
Me: Mr. Jan, this is stupid.
Mr. Jan: It is not!
Me: Mr. Jan, this is reallly stupid.


It was all in a high-pitched voice, and ohmy...I'll be re-inacting it tomorrow alot. I died. :D

Oh, and....

Me: Austin, do these toes socks make my foot look pudgy?
Austin: Define pudgy.
Austin: No, like what's your deffinition of pudgy in this instance?
Me: Fat.

Austin: Oh, well then yes. Kinda....


Kay, so Ima go study. Sweetdreams, and sleep tight. ♥

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