Sunday, October 3, 2010

I really, really want you to read this. (Part 2)

Okay, so why the heck are you writing this Alicia?

Because....I want people to be aware? I want to have some sort of effect on something. I want someone to be like, "Wowwwww...." by reading this, and want to change something they're doing. I want to chance what I'm doing, and help other people. I want the world to be better for other people. I don't wanna be a sucky American. :P

So what am I gonna personally do?

1) Stop drinking hot chocolate. It's gonna kill me, but it'd rather me then someone else

2) Not get a new cell phone when Christmas comes around. I can deal with my old one. It's not worth supporting something I don't believe in

3) Stop eating fast food. This might be harder. I'm not like addicted to McDonald's, but when I'm over at a friend's or something, we typically order in, or something like that. And I don't wanna be rude, but I'll haveta refuse to eat that

4) Possibly send back the TOMS I just ordered the other day :(

5) Never use styrofoam, or paper plates. I'll wash it a regular bowl or something if I have to, I'm not going to waste a tree when I can use a normal plate

6) Join the Environmental Awarness club at school, and work my butt off at getting David to speak at our school. This kid from my church got him to speak at E-town, why not Donegal?

7) Pay attention to where my clothing is coming from. No more brand name stores. That, will DEFFINITELY be hard. Considering like, that's what all my clothes are. But who cares? Just because it's American Eagle, doesn't make it better than clothes that were actually made in the US

8) Stop using palm oil. It's in stuff like, lip balm, Cheerios, peanut butter, etc... Why's it bad? Becuase it comes from countries like Indonesia, Papa New Guina, and Malaysia. Their rainforest trees are being cut down, just do make me some dang Cheerios

9) Stop supporting Heifer International. It's CEO makes 300,000 a year, with the staff being paid 24 million. Like, reallly? YOUR A FREAKING "NON-PROFIT" CHARITY >:/

10) Stop complaining about what's for dinner. I'm lucky to even have something to eat for dinner, in the first place

I'm not perfect. I'm gonna screw up. I'm gonna do some of these things, without even realizing it. I'm not asking you to change everything. But consider changing something?

"You who trample the needy and bring the boor of the land to an end... who deal deceitfully with false balances... who buy the poor for silver and the needy for a pair of sandals. Surely I will never forget..." - Amos 8:4

Thanks for reading. It means more than you know. ♥

P.S. Listen to "What Faith Can Do" by Kutless. It's amazing. :D

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