Sunday, October 3, 2010

I really, really want you to read this. (Part 1)

Okay, so this blog is going to be two parts. Why? I have a lot to say.

This morning in Sunday School, David Radcliff spoke to our Sunday Classes. (Junior High & Senior High) He mainly talked about how wasteful we are, and basically how Americans just suck. Like, SUCKK. My whole point of this blog is trying to tell all you readers what he told me. I'm sure I'm gonna leave out so many important things, so I HIGHLY reccomend you check out his website : after. (:

Basically; David is the founder, head dude guy of New Community Project. It's an Christian, non-profit organization that simply wants to change the world. Earth sucks. Things are so messed up, everywhere. And they literally just want to make things better. God's not amused, and we were put here to take care of each other, and take care of His beautiful Creation. Sooo...that's their goal, in a nutshell.

Some statistics that I hope shock you :
-The average teen spends 100$ a week on stuff. A) Stuff that I'm SURE we don't necessarily need. New, name-brand clothes, movies, the movies, hair products, make-up, you name it. Remember all the poor people in the world? Yeah, well they're DYING. While all of us are just continuing to worry about keeping up our appearance. Change that?

-Love hot chocolate? Sorry Morgan, I know you do :P. I'm not trying to single you out, I know I freakin' looove hot chocolate too. But, In West Africa, 2/3 of child workers on cocoa plantations aren't in school, and thousands are under 14. Remember what you were doing when you were 14? I'm sure you weren't working off your BUTT like a slave, just to make a dollar a day, if that.

-Like fast food? Guess how much trash you produce each meal you buy? (Burger, fries, soda) 1 pound, and uses 1400 gallons of water to produce that. Yeah, and how often do you get that fast food, that only makes you fatter?

-Your shoes? Chances are, a young woman in China made them for 30 cents a day. Know what you can get for 30 cents here? NOTHING!

-STOP. BUYING. BOTTLED. WATER. It's called a recyled water bottle, people :P. US'ers spend $10 billion dollars a year, just to make itl. Not to mention it requires 50 million barrels of oil. And that oil? Yeahh...we don't have an endless amount of it. Plus, we throw away 40 million bottles A DAY. And other countries? 1.1 BILLION, don't have clean water to drink. 1.8 million deaths a year. Seriously, do you reallly need your gatorade, vitamin water, and FIJI water THAT bad? Answer: NOOOOOOOOO.

-Cell phones. Pretty much every teenager has one. Heck, freakin' 8 year olds have one. There's a little chemical that goes into making your phone. It's called "Coltan". And 80% of the world's Coltan that goes not only into your phones, but into other electronics too, comes from a little country called Congo. In Congo, they're currently a Civil War going on. "The war against women", if you've ever hearda that. All the money workers get for mining that Coltan, goes towards making and producing weapons for the war. Weapons KILL people. Unnecessary deaths. Please, don't buy a new cell phone once your plan's up. Or atleast CONSIDER going to a recylced phone store. Check this out : . Do you really wanna support a war when you get a new cell phone?

-65% of American children have a TV in their room. 85% of the world's poorest children don't go to school

- Ameicans spend an average of 5$ a day eating eat. The US wastes have the food it makes in those restaurants/fast food places. 20,000 children around the world die daily from hunger-related causes.

-DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM SOLES4SOULS. EVER! Actually, don't buy anything from any organization that gives used things to poorer countries. Why?

1) Okay, so in a town: Everyone is struggling more than we can ever imagine to make enough money to support a family financially. All these organizations are RUINING IT. We're ruining their economy. When shiploads of trucks come in with free stuff for them, yes it's great, yayyy they get semi-new stuff. BUT, those people that are working their butt off? They can't compete with free stuff! Those people get the free stuff, don't buy from small business owners, and those people struggle EVEN MORE. 3 countries in Africa have even refused to accept anymore American freebies. It's ruining their economy.

2) It's used stuff. Chances could very well be : it doens't work right, it gets ruined through shipping, it carries disease, etc...

3) The CEO of Soles4Souls? SUCKS! He makes 500,000 dollars a year from his "charity". 500,000 dollars that he could be using to help in different ways. But no, he'll keep it for himself. Goodjob, you stupid person. >:(

-DON'T EAT CHOCOLATE! It's very very bad. Health-wise, and worker wise. American's spend an approx. 18 billion dollars a freakin' year on it. Fatties. Pretty much all of this chocolate is produced in West Africa where the owners of plantations often enslave or employ CHILDREN to grow your dang chocolate. Yeah, you don't need Hershey's that bad. If you really want some, try Equal Exchange. It produces fairley traded things like coffee, tea, nuts, chocolate, etc... and it's pretty dang good. (:

Oh wait, there's more. Please keep reading, I'll love you. (:

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